Hujjat al-Islam Pejmanfar praised the epic and enemy-crushing presence of the people in the ‎November 4th rallies marking the mark fortieth anniversary of the takeover of the American ‎embassy and said, “The passionate presence of people in different scenes demonstrated ‎that the propaganda of the enemies is false and‏ ‏wishful thinking.”‎

RNA – In an interview with Rasa News Agency, Hujjat al-Islam Nasrollah Pejmanfar, the ‎‎representative of the people of Mashhad in the Islamic Consultative Assembly, referred to ‎the rallies which were held in various Iranian cities on November 4th to mark the fortieth ‎anniversary of the takeover of the embassy of the United States in Tehran and said, “Today, ‎the enemies have entered into the arena of political issues to create harm in [Iranian] ‎society and put pressure on the people.”‎

The American embassy was taken over by hundreds of students on November 4, 1979, ‎nearly nine months after the Islamic Revolution dethroned the American-backed Pahlavi ‎regime.‎

Referring to the enemies’ plots to create polarization among the people of the country, the ‎member of the Islamic Consultative Commission on Cultural Affairs said, “Today, the ‎enemies have made every effort to tear down the different sections of the people and ‎destroy the Islamic system through this means.”‎

Hujjat al-Islam Pejmanfar‎ noted, “The enemies are always trying to create disparities and ‎fragmentation in the presence of the united people.”‎

The representative of the people of Mashhad and Kalat in the Islamic Consultative Assembly ‎stated that the epic presence by the people in the rallies today is a nullification of the ‎mistaken fantasies of the enemies and said, “The passionate presence of people in different ‎scenes demonstrated that the propaganda of the enemies is false and‏ ‏wishful thinking.”‎

He stressed upon the necessity of re-examining the acts of animosity perpetrated by the ‎United States throughout the history of the Islamic Revolution, especially for the younger ‎generation, and noted, “Today, everyone knows that the United States is a disloyal country, ‎has an arrogant approach and has always undermined the rights of the Iranian people.”‎

Hujjat al-Islam Pejmanfar emphasized the need for building culture in line with the Resistance ‎Discourse in society and stated, “We must stand up against the criminal United States and ‎institutionalize the Resistance Discourse and resistance among society, especially among the ‎younger generation.”‎

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Source by [Rasa News Agency]