TEHRAN (Press Shia) – A prominent author and peace activist said in an article to Press Shia that unity is the most urgent need of the Muslim world as foreign forces such as the US are to exploit Muslim’s difference in their favor.

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Iran is hosting a conference themed “Ummah unity in defending the al-Aqsa Mosque” in Tehran until Saturday with 350 Scholars and politicians from 93 countries in attendance.

In an article sent to Press Shia Prof. Engr. Zamir Ahmed Awan, who is a researcher and ex-Diplomat, and editorial board member of World Scientific and Non-Resident Fellow of CCG (Center for China and Globalization) from Islamabad, Pakistan, highlighted the necessity of unity in Muslim world.

The full text of his article is as follows:

The 33rd International Islamic Unity Conference

The 33rd International Islamic Unity Conference was held on Nov. 14-16, 2019, in Iran, attended by 350 Scholars and politicians from all around the world.

The deliberations were focused on the challenges faced by the Muslim world and solutions. President Hasan Rouhani has delivered a speech at the opening of this Conference, with a strong message.

There are 57 Muslim countries, and around 2 billion Muslims are living in this world, every 5th person in this world is a Muslim. The second-largest religion on this earth. Muslim countries possess a major part of natural resources, like Oil and Gas. Energy resources are concentrated in the Muslim world. Yet, victimized! Around 1.2 million Muslims have been killed during the last couple of decades, 6 million have been forced to leave their houses, either to live in camps in their own countries or migrate to other countries. Muslims are the victims, yet suspected as terrorists – Irony!

During the cold war era, just after the Second World War (WWII), the US and its NATO allies were engaged for almost 4 decades to counter communism threat focus and Russia & China were the focus. After establishing diplomatic relations with China, then the focus shifted on Russia only, until the former USSR was disintegrated on 26 December 1991.

The US and its allies have then chosen the Muslim world as their next target. Several conspiracies were designed, and internal revolts and movements were initiated. Kuwait war was the first demonstration only. 9/11 was engineered, which was announced the launch of a crusade against Muslims by President Bush openly. Arab spring was conspired and destabilized some of the very stable Arab countries.

Availing the opportunity of a unipolar world, the US and its allies destroyed Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, etc, without facing any resistance from any other country in the world. United Nations was undermined and took decisions unilaterally, bypassing the UN. Russia and China were not in the position to oppose the US.

Later on, things started to change a bit, when Russia opposed American actions in Syria. The US could not attack North Korea and Iran, in spite of its will. The world has emerged multipolar and China and Russia are the counterweights. The US and its allies could not take any decision without getting consent from them. As China’s rise and Russian regaining its lost power, the balance may be achieved in the geopolitics of the world.

The Muslim world has to think seriously, and smartly. There is a dire need for realigning our foreign policies and our thinking. The most urgent need is unity among the Muslim world. A Yamani kills a Saudi or a Saudi kills a Yamani, it is the ultimate loss of Muslim Ummah. A Shia kills a Sunny or a Sunni kills a Shia, it is a net loss of Ummah. Unity is a need of time and we must resolve our internal differences through peaceful dialogue and diplomatic manner. We must stop killing each other, blaming each other, mistrust each other, and invite foreign powers to resolve our internal issues. Foreign forces are to exploit our difference in their favor. In fact, some of the issues are evil-designed by them to intervene in the region and exploit our natural resources. The current statement by the US to remain in Syria to protect Oil is a very clear message.

The liberation of Kuwait, the destruction of Iraq, Libya, and Syria has benefited whom? Who was the beneficiary of such wars? Who gained from these wars?

Are we following the Quran and Hadith and Sunnah? If we have deviated from the teaching of Islam, we faced humiliation in this world and what will happen in the next life, may Allah forgive us all.

It is time, to think, thing wisely and smartly. We must learn from our mistakes, we must identify our wrongdoings, and correct our path. We must follow the Quran and Hadith and Sunnah in its true spirit, we must unite and overcome our differences. We must not depend on non-believers and extend our full support to our brothers in Islam.

Islam means “peace”, Islam teaches us peace. Muslims are not against any other country or nation. We love peace and wanted to live in peace. Islam is against any kind of aggression or terrorism. We were wrongly labeled as terrorists. We are moderate, tolerant people and wanted to live in harmony with all other nations. We should not be pushed to the corner and isolation. Labeling Muslims as terrorism, in spite of the fact, we are the victim, is absolutely injustice. Trust, we had a glorious past and will regain our lost reputation.

If we want to live an honorable life and respect in this world, we must align ourselves with the teachings of Islam. Islam is the best religion and by deviating from Islam, we were lost, humiliated, and victimized.

The International Islamic Unity Conference marks the birth anniversary of Islam’s Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and is held annually in an effort to lay the ground for stronger unity and solidarity among Muslims and provide solutions for their problems.