Ayatollah Javadi-Amoli referring to the killings during the two world wars said, “It has been ‎almost a century since the brutal killings that occurred during Word War I and II but what ‎benefits did the murderers, such as the United States, receive except for disgrace?”‎

RNA –‎‏ ‏Professor Bartolomeo Pirone, a famous Italian scholar of Islam, met with Ayatollah ‎Abdollah Javadi-Amoli at the Esra International foundation for Revealed Sciences in Qom. ‎

In response to Professor Pirone’s question about the teachings of the Prophet of Islam and ‎world peace, Ayatollah Javadi-Amoli said, “Islam has many commonalities with other ‎religions and the Prophet Muhammad and other prophets had a single goal and many ‎commonalities on their paths and in their methods because the prophets came to introduce ‎humanity to themselves, to introduce the world to humanity and to explain the relationship ‎between humanity and the world for the people.”‎

The revered source of emulation referred to the killings which occurred during World War I ‎and World War II, “Unfortunately, World War I and World War II resulted in many deaths, at ‎least 70 million people were killed. A significant number of people were killed by the United ‎States. It has been almost a century since this brutal bloodbath and the main question is ‎what benefits did the murderers, such as the United States, receive except for disgrace?”‎
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Ayatollah Javadi-Amoli emphasized, “The prophets came to tell us that human society isn’t ‎governed except through peace, tranquillity and affection. Therefore, the Quranic ‎interpretations are summarized in three parts, the ‘local’ section, which deals with the ‎interconnectedness of Muslims, the ‘regional’ section which deals with the relationship ‎between Muslims and other monotheists of the world and the third part of the ‘international’ ‎section of humanity, which belongs to all of mankind, whether monotheists or polytheists, ‎because humanity is intrinsic in all human beings and is the same. Humanity only has one ‎truth and therefore, God considers us the children of one person and calls on us by saying ‎‎‘Oh son of Adam!’”‎
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His Eminence added, “This is a corner of peace for all the prophets, especially the beloved ‎Prophet of Islam, such that when he conquered Makkah, despite all the harm he had ‎suffered from the people of Makkah, he said, ‘set your weapons aside, open your closed ‎fists and shake hands.’ This is the entirety of Islam for the world and that’s enough. There is ‎nothing more beautiful and pleasant than that. We hope these teachings are passed on to ‎you and your friends around the world.”‎

After listening to Ayatollah Javadi-Amoli’s remarks, Professor Pirone expressed his happiness ‎to meet him and said, “As a Christian, I ask God to protect His Eminence for all the ‎monotheists of the world.”‎

Professor Bartolomeo Pirone was a former professor of the Arabic Language and Literature ‎at the University of Naples of Oriental Studies and a scholar at the Ambrosian Library in ‎Milan.‎
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