BRUSSELS, Jan. 24 (Press Shia Agency) – “The meeting, which takes place today in Astana is an important step to continue negotiations under auspices of the UN in Geneva on February 8,” EU press service told journalists in Brussels.

“We hope this meeting will be successful in strengthening the ceasefire guaranteed by Russia and Turkey, giving confidence at the scene to ensure successful resumption of the Geneva talks within the framework established by the UN Security Council, in particular resolutions 2118 and 2254” statement reads.

It is noted that the European Union is doing its utmost to ensure success of the Geneva talks, in particular within the framework of EU regional initiative on Syria future.

“After contacts with our Russian, Iranian and Turkish colleagues, we decided to send our official representative. They will not participate in the meetings, but will keep in touch with some of the parties in Astana, and mainly with the United Nations”, summed up the press service representative.

KAZINFORM/Press Shia Agency