The prominent teacher in the Islamic Seminary of Qom referred to the enemies’ ‎attempts to promote deviant sects in Islamic society and emphasized the necessity of ‎teaching the Shi’ah beliefs and theology to the youth.‎

RNA – Speaking to a group of members of the Critique and Review of Baha’ism Group, ‎Grand Ayatollah Mohammad-Ali Alavi-Gorgani emphasized on a comprehensive ‎confrontation against false beliefs and sects and stated, “We must always strengthen ‎our strongholds against false religions and not let our children to be deviated.”‎

The prominent teacher in the Islamic Seminary of Qom referred to the widespread ‎efforts by deviated sects, such as Baha’ism, and said, “During all ages there have been ‎deviated sects and they also exist in the present time. Even during the time of the ‎beloved Prophet Muhammad, there are some individuals who made claims of ‎prophethood or other claims and misled people.” ‎

Ayatollah Alavi-Gorgani emphasized, “Human beings never become calm and there are ‎always those who seek to deviate society and it’s our duty to not to allow our children ‎to be deviated. For this reason, I believe the best way to succeed in this path is to be ‎properly educated and if we speak with logic, it has much greater influence.”‎

In another part of his remarks, His Eminence referred to the verse of the Holy Quran: ‎‎“Say, ‘Produce your evidence, should you be truthful’” [2:111] and mentioned, “The ‎Holy Quran tells the disbelievers and those who have deviated from the path of ‎righteousness that if they speak truthfully, they must explain with proof and logic. The ‎fact is that if we can move forward with reason and logic, no one can speak and ‎question and undermine the basic tenets of our religion.”‎

He pointed to the need to invest in the younger generation and the need for financial ‎support from institutions for this purpose and added, “We need to create defences for ‎our beliefs among our children and explain deviated sects, such as Wahhabism and ‎Baha’ism, to the youth in order to prevent them from going astray in the future.”‎
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Ayatollah Alavi-Gorgani noted, “At the beginning of the Islamic Revolution, we formed ‎a group in Tehran and explained these issues to them during a series of ideological, ‎scientific and theological discussions until they reached a point themselves and later ‎when the Tudeh Party sought to divert the youth in Tehran, we sent the same educated ‎individuals to counter them at the request of Imam Khomeyni and they made many ‎successes.”‎

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