TEHRAN (Press Shia Agency) – Deputy Head of Hezbollah’s Executive Council Sheikh Nabil Qaouk called on all political parties to help Lebanon’s prime minister-designate form a government.

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“America has failed (to ignite strife) because betting on exploiting the domestic crisis and investing in it has reached a dead-end after it tried to take advantage of the crisis to achieve political gains,” Sheikh Qaouk said on Monday, Naharnet.com reported.

The appointment of ex-minister Hassan Diab as premier-designate has put an end to Washington’s attempts to “exploit” the crisis and the protests in Lebanon, he added.

“PM-designate Diab’s appointment came to put an end to the American exploitation,” he said.

Noting that there is “a real chance to form a government to rescue Lebanon from a worse situation,” Sheikh Qaouk said Diab’s designation represents “a real chance for the Lebanese to rescue what can be rescued.”

The Hezbollah official also urged all political parties to “show a responsible patriotic stance by giving a chance to the PM-designate to form a reformist salvation government, not a government aimed at confronting anyone, a government that would listen to the voices of all people, whether those present in the squares or in their homes.”

The new government should “seek to block strife and regain the confidence of those inside the country before that of those outside the country,” Qaouq urged.

“We have not demanded or sought posts nor a government of confrontation and elimination and we are demanding the broadest participation.”