Ayatollah Rajabi emphasized that despite all of the plots, sanctions and problems imposed ‎on Iran, the Iranian people stood firmly and resolutely in support of the Islamic Revolution.‎

RNA – Speaking on the sidelines of a gathering and rally to commemorate the 9th of Dey ‎‎[December 30th] epic in Qom, Ayatollah Mahmoud Rajabi, the vice-president of the Imam ‎Khomeyni Educational and Research Institute, said that Iran’s Islamic system of government ‎is dependent and reliant on the people’s votes and stressed, “The believing and religious ‎people are the supporters of the system.”‎

The 9th of Dey ‎[December 30th] rallies marks the anniversary of the date when ‎millions of ‎people went to the streets on December 30, 2009 to demonstrate their ‎support for the ‎Islamic establishment after the post-election riots.‎
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Pointing out that the people support the system through their presence in different arenas, ‎he said, “Whenever the enemies see the people’s passionate and revolutionary presence in ‎support of the system, they change their positions.”‎
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Ayatollah Rajabi stated that the timely presence of the people guarantees the protection of ‎the system and symbolizes the authority of the country and added, “The epic presence of ‎the people on the scene conveys the message that the Iranian people support the Islamic ‎Revolution with resoluteness, endurance and resistance despite all the plots, sanctions and ‎problems imposed on the country.” ‎

Noting that the weak and deprived nations are learning lessons about resistance from Iran’s ‎revolutionary presence Iran in various arenas, His Eminence stated, “This widespread ‎presence creates hope in the hearts of the oppressed people and creates terror in the hearts ‎of the enemies.”‎

He said that the presence of people in rallies such as celebration of 9th of Dey will ‎strengthen unity in society and noted, “The presence of people in the rallies commemorating ‎the 9th of Dey epic is a renewed vow with wilayah (guardianship).”‎
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Ayatollah Rajabi emphasized that the unity of the Islamic ummah is one of God’s great ‎blessings and added, “The presence of the people in revolutionary gatherings prevents the ‎deviation of the Islamic ummah, enhances the glory and greatness of the system and ‎promotes the sacred system of the Islamic Republic in the international arena.”‎

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