TEHRAN (Press Shia Agency) – Iran’s Army Commander Major General Abdolrahim Mousavi highlighted the forces’ power and combat-readiness, saying that if there is any threat posed against the country, the Army’s units are prepared to tackle it.

– Defense news –

“The forces of the Army’s four branches (Ground Force, Air Force, Navy and Air Defense Force) are constantly conducting missions on the ground, in the air and at sea,” Major General Mousavi said on Thursday while inspecting tactical drills of Army Ground Force units during a visit to the southern city of Shiraz.

“(The Army forces) monitor all moves and if the slightest mistake is made by (the enemy), they will counter it decisively,” he added.

“The Army units in all branches are swift and powerful and whenever something happens …, they arrive at the scene at the earliest possible time,” the commander said, citing the speedy arrival of the forces to help in rescue operations following natural disasters as an example.

“Definitely, if there is a threat posed against the country, the first ones that take action and give the appropriate response to the enemy will be the Army units.”

“We will certainly show our capabilities to the enemy and powerfully defend the great Iranian nation, the ideals of the Revolution, the three-color flag, and the boundaries of this vast country,” he went on to say.

Iranian military and political officials have repeatedly warned the enemies of the dire consequences of a military action against the Islamic Republic.

In comments in April 2018, Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei said the US is aware of the crushing response it will have to face in case of taking military action against Iran.

The era of hit and run is now over, and the US knows that if it gets entangled in military action against Iran, it will receive much harsher blows, Ayatollah Khamenei underlined.