TEHRAN (Press Shia) – Sondoss Al Asaad, a Lebanese political analyst, wrote a letter to the Iranian people on behalf of the Axis of Resistance to extend condolences to them on the martyrdom of Lieutenant General Qassem Soleimani and his companions.

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Following is the text of Al Asaad’s letter, provided to Press Shia:

“Dear Iranian youths and the entire Iranian nation, allow me, on behalf of my fellow sisters and brothers in the Resistance-axis, to extend our deepest sympathies and condolences to you at the irreparable loss of our dearly beloved Martyr Lieutenant General Qassem Soleimani and his great companions. We have all been utterly shocked and dismayed at Trump’s heinous crime and the excruciating pain that ensues. May the almighty God ease our pain and grant us peace and patience.

Let me seize this opportunity to write to our unrivaled Martyr Soleimani and thank him for the furthermost impact he has had on us. On our honor, we vow to perpetuate your exemplary mission and to serve our oppressed peoples at all times. We vow that your honorable martyrdom would be the starting point to revenge, humiliate and expel the Zionist and American criminal psychopaths from our entire West Asia region and to foil all their malicious schemes.

We are forever grateful. We are forever in your debt. You made the ultimate sacrifice, willing to give your life for the Ummah you had long loved and believed in. You lived humble and committed, fought fearlessly against terrorism, led dozens of honorable battles and martyred for us. Leader, thank you for setting our priorities straight, first and foremost, to be at the service of this holy path, your path and the path of our holy martyrs, who sacrificed their consecrated lives that we now enjoy freedom and dignity.

Tribute to the charismatic legend who has terrified Washington over the past four decades, to the inspiring revolutionary leader who awakened the consciousness of the oppressed peoples, who had long been subject to the arrogant colonialist culture of fear, cowardice, submission, and surrender. Tribute to the extraordinary Leader, who emerged from the homes of the vulnerable, and who long wished to be called a ‘Warrior’ defending the hopeless. Tribute to the devoted leader who endeavored martyrdom with an Aalawi heart, Abbasi altruism, and Hussaini perseverance, so he lifted upward as an immortal martyr.

Tribute to the son of Palestine, the believer in its imminent liberation; the son of Beirut and Damascus, who safeguarded their nobility and sovereignty; the son of Baghdad, Mosul and Basra, the cool-headed genie who had exhausted the Takfiris and frustrated the American dream of dividing Iraq into dissonant warring federations; the son of Sa`dah and Sana’a and every barefoot Yemeni families.

We would like you to know that no matter the sacrifice we would have to give, it would definitely grow greater once we give it away for the sake of our Ummah, just as your heroic conquests have granted us freedom. We owe you, your brave companions and all those who have elevated before. Now, it is our duty to honor your unparalleled legend, gracious values, and historic accomplishments, in reverence of your righteous martyrdom. You are forever in our hearts and minds and in those of our upcoming generations who owe you everlasting love and gratitude.

We are all soldiers in the Leader’s army and we will stand firm by him. Your martyrdom has indeed awakened our consciousness and will certainly bring dark days for the arrogant Zionist and American criminals. We vow to humiliate them and to release our helpless peoples from the American and Zionist murderous supremacy. You have shown us how to be fearless fighters; you have ingrained in us how to thwart all sorts of hegemonic colonial terrorism and you have taught us not to stray from the path of holy resistance with the same vigor and devotion you had. We pledge Leader to carry our arms at all fronts and to step up decisive historic victories.

Your Committed Soldiers”


Sondoss Al Asaad is a Lebanese freelance journalist, political analyst, and translator; based in Beirut, Lebanon. Al Asaad writes on issues of the Arabs and Muslim world, with a special focus on the Bahraini uprising.