TEHRAN, Jan. 28 (Press Shia) – President Rouhani, while noting that Islamic Revolution is a popular one, deemed political independence as the most profound consequence of the Revolution.

Addressing the 17th World Federation of Tourist Guides Associations (WFTGA) Convention on Saturday morning in Tehran, Hassan Rouhani welcomed all participants expressing hope that the visit to Iran would lead to a greater familiarity with the age old history and culture of a hospitable nation.

He underlined that Iranians have always accomplished far-reaching objectives as they staged a revolution 38 years ago without receiving support from world powers.

“Iranian nation, by relying on their culture, religion and goals, sparked a revolution without reliance on external powers,” noted the official asserting that political independence was the greatest outcome of Islamic Revolution.

Rouhani touched upon democracy as yet another favorable result of the Revolution which gave dignity to the people who get involved in decision making by casting votes during elections.

Determination and perseverance were other characteristics Rouhani attributed to Iranians who defended their country during eight years of Imposed War again in the absence of foreign support.

The President rejoiced to recall that Iran has never been a colony of other countries neither has is invaded neighboring states and has had no connection with issues like racism.

“People from various religions, ethnic groups and cultures are living together in Iran as evidenced by proximity of mosques to churches as well as presence of Muslim, Christian, Jewish and Zoroastrian members in the Iranian Parliament.”

He also contented that Iran has contributed to the global knowledge; “over recent centuries, Iran had had pioneers in science and technology and books written by scholars like Avicenna, Farabi and Tusi are being studies at universities and scientific centers across the globe.”

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