Press Shia Agency – Abdurrahman Rajah said that the resistance by the defenseless people of Yemen against the modern Western-supplied weapons used by the Saudis is a great achievement.

Press Shia – In an interview with Press Shia Agency News Agency, Abdurrahman Rajah, an expert on Yemeni affairs, stressed that Yemen is currently facing a very difficult situation as the country is witnessing a full-scale war between resistance forces and coalition forces led by Saudi Arabia and stressed, “The aggression against Yemen has been forgotten and even the media of the Resistance Axis, including Iranian media organizations, has been overshadowed by the other issues.”

He said that currently in Yemen, there are clashes on more than 45 fronts between the Saudi coalition and the Popular Resistance Committees and the Yemeni and not a day passes where Saudi warplanes don’t strike and kill innocent people.

Rajah said that the Bab al-Mandeb strait and the Yemeni-Saudi Arabia border area are among the most important sites of confrontation in the last few weeks, and added, “Contrary to the claims by the Arab media, the Saudi-led aggressive coalition hasn’t achieved anything. Over the past two years, the Arab media said coalition forces have reached Sana’a but this fantasy has never been true.”

The Yemeni analyst said that five months ago, they claimed control of strategic areas in Sa’dah governorate but this news was false and added, “Despite the extensive operations by the Saudis and Emiratis over the past few weeks in regard to which their media outlets speak about their advancements, in reality they have suffered from heavy casualties and ten commanders were killed.”

He said that the resistance by the defenseless people of Yemen against the modern Western-supplied weapons used by the Saudis is a great achievement and added, “Yemen has been under siege for nearly two years but despite this, they have managed to surprise their enemies with their actions and resistance.”

The political analyst said that the political solution to end the crisis in Yemen has reached a dead end and added that the former United States Secretary of State John Kerry offered a plan but with the change of government in the US, this plan was abandoned.

Rajah said that Ismail Ould Shaykh Ahmad, United Nations Special Envoy for Yemen, made new efforts to resume political dialogue but the Saudis were dissatisfied with this plan and attempted to sabotage it to buy time.

He noted that they are looking forward to see what Donald Trump’s approach towards Yemen is and will base their actions on this and said, “Trump’s policy toward Yemen isn’t clear yet but I think he is looking for money and with American financial aid, Saudi Arabia will buy weapons from the US and continue their aggression against Yemen in the same manner.”