Press Shia – Hasan Hanizadeh argued that it’s necessary for international organizations to pursue the Al Saud regime and try and condemn its leaders as war criminals over its war against Yemen and its violations of their own citizens’ rights.

Press Shia Agency – In an interview with Press Shia News Agency, Hasan Hanizadeh, a political and international affairs expert, referred to the recent statements by Adil al-Jubayr, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia, referred to Iran’s supposed war crimes and human rights violations in Syria and said that while al-Jubayr is projecting the usual Saudi accusations at Islamic Republic of Iran, “Without doubt this regime should be tried and condemned in the International Criminal Court due to its killing of women and children and the use of prohibited weapons against the people of Yemen.”

Speaking in Paris on January 16th, al-Jubayr said he was positive about the new US administration and presidency of Donald Trump, especially in regard to their plans “to restore American influence in the world, contain Iran and fight Daesh.”

Hanizadeh noted to the close security cooperation between Riyadh and Tel Aviv and said that while Saudi Arabia is continuing its brutal attacks against the country and people of Yemen, the international community has overlooked these crimes and by not condemning Saudi Arabia, they have unjustly ignored its crimes and acts of aggression in the impoverished Arab country.

He said that by paying huge bribes to human rights organizations, Saudi Arabia has violated its responsibilities and added that with the purchase of these organizations, Saudi Arabia has created a safe margin for itself and by creating Takfiri terrorist groups, such as Daesh, Jabhat Fateh al-Sham and its predecessor, the al-Nusrah Front, Jaysh al-Islam, the al-Tawhid Brigade and Ahrar al-Sham in Iraq, Yemen, Syria and Lebanon, they are responsible for the killing of innocent people in these countries.

The international expert on politics argued that it’s necessary for international organizations to pursue the Al Saud regime and try and condemn its leaders as war criminals over its mass killings in Yemen, especially of the defenseless people, women and children of this country, its brutal execution of its internal opponents, including its use of beheading, throwing Shi’ah youths into vats of acid and the use of underground torture chambers, this regime can be considered one of the greatest violators of human rights.

He considered Saudi Arabia as “hypocritical” as on one hand it accuses Iran of human rights violations and war crimes and on the other hand, it claims that Iran rejects its extended hand of friendship.

“However,” he said, “As long as this accursed regime continues its war crimes and massacres of Shi’ahs in Nigeria, Bahrain, Iraq, Syria and Yemen, Iran will not communicate with this ruthless regime and will try to isolate this regime at the regional level.”

Hanizadeh said that Saudi Arabia can afford to buy off certain countries and added that the Saudi regime is considered as the most hated regime after the Zionist regime in the region.