CARACAS, Feb. 01 (Press Shia) – Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro repudiates Tuesday the right-wing media and hate campaign against the government and the country’s historical memory.

During the inauguration ceremony of the new executive board of the state-owned corporation Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) in the presidential palace Miraflores, he stated that in the Bolivarian nation the truth of a noble people, committed to the well-being of the citizen, will triumph.
He affirmed that this new board will heal the wounds of the corruption and the economic aggressions that impelled the right in 2016.
Every dollar generated by this company is transformed into housing, health, education and quality of life for Venezuelan families.
In this regard, he recalled that so far the Bolivarian government has delivered more than 1.4 million houses and continues to increase social investment.
The president urged to strengthen popular awareness and be informed against these unconventional maneuvers that promoted by the right with international support.
We must sow and practice values, create historical and political awareness, take sides for the country, he said.

PL/Press Shia