TEHRAN (Press Shia) – Multiple videos appeared online showing cars ploughing through a crowd of police officers in New York.

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A clip circulating on social media shows a black car ramming a police officer as he was standing at a city crosswalk.

The vehicle appears to speed up just before it hits the man. The victim then lies motionless on the ground, before being picked up by a police van, RT reported.

New York and several other major US cities have become the centers of mass anti-police-brutality protests, sparked by the death of an unarmed black man, George Floyd, during an attempted arrest by a white officer. Many of the demonstrations remain peaceful, but – especially during nights – riots and major clashes between law enforcement and protesters continue unabated.

Two NYPD patrol cars were earlier filmed ramming a group of protesters who were blocking a road. A similar incident was recorded in the city of Buffalo, New York State, where a car plowed through a group of police officers.

The moment of the attempted ramming was caught in harrowing footage shared online.

As heated and sometimes violent protesters made their way through New York City on Monday night, similar demonstrations also broke out upstate in Buffalo. But as police cleared protesters from an intersection around the city’s E District police station, an SUV was filmed as it rammed through the group of officers, who quickly scattered, and sped away down the road.

Two officers – including a New York State trooper – sustained serious injuries in the incident and were taken to the nearby Erie County Medical Center for treatment, according to local media. The State Police also confirmed the injury to its officer, noting it is “non-life threatening.” The perpetrator has yet to be identified.

Major US cities have become centers of protest and street battles, following a police killing of an unarmed black man.