TEHRAN, Feb. 06 (Press Shia Agency) – An American political economist has downplayed any Trump administration impact on the future of Trans-Pacific Partnership, believing that the deal had been already dead by over-protectionism.

Trump has declared that the NATO members should pay for their membership. (In the past, US paid for the NATO countries which could not pay their membership shares.) In response, European countries announced that they would make their own defense treaty.

Trump also said the US would leave the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership). This has discomfited countries like Japan and South Korea. It was for this reason that Japan PM was the first foreign official who visited Trump in his tower. He first declared he would abolish JCPOA (Iran’s nuclear deal). Then he said new negotiations should take place. Trump has contacted Taiwanese president, which was a challenging measure. So, he has put an end to four-decade of one-China policy.

All of such measures render Trump virtually unpredictable from a policy point of view and experts including Arthur Cyr would not have definite ideas as to what Trump would do in his presidency; the president, as German officials put it, is an unwritten dictation without any misspelling.

However, Cyr told Payman Yazdani of Mehr News International Service that specifically TPP had been affected highly by protectionism practiced by the member states.

“Unfortunately, I have no distinctive insights concerning what the new administration will do. Regarding NATO, and alliances more generally, we must remember that the US has received offset payments and related forms of support which has been quite substantial over many years. This applies to Japan and Korea as well as other allies. For example, during the Cold War approximately 300,000 US forces in Germany were essentially supported by that country.

“TPP was effectively dead well before President Trump took office. There are clearly strong protectionist sentiments growing among trading nations generally,” Cyr told in the interview.

Arthur I. Cyr is the director of the A.W. Clausen Center for World Business at Carthage, a first-class learning facility.

Interview by: Payman Yazdani