TEHRAN, Feb. 07 (Press Shia) – Leader of the Islamic Revolution has berated US policies in the Middle East and rejected the idea that Iranians should come to terms and reconciliation with the imperialist power.

Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei received a group of Air Force commanders and staff on the occasion of anniversary of Homafars’ (Pahlavi regime’s Air Force commanders) allegiance to late Imam Khomeini on Tuesday morning.

His criticism is highly founded; with the Middle East on shambles and with terrorist groups roaming the region supported actively by US close allies, Iranians would go back to their collective memory to remind US destructive role in intervening in the region with disastrous outcomes. Equally, Ayatollah Khamenei directed his sharp criticism to both Obama administration and current Trump administration for their indifference to the plights of the people in the Middle East and no less important the country’s undeniable role in post-Presidential election street unrest of 2009; “Iranians will never be grateful to Obama; why essentially grateful? Since they instated a terrorist group as ISIL in Iraq and Syria to be a shame for the Islamic world since it justified atrocities and abominations in the name of Islam? Or we should be grateful to Obama since sanctions crippled the economy of a nation which did not deserved such level of enmity? Sure, he didn’t reach his aim; no enemy can cripple Iranian nation,” the Leader emphasized.

“People in the February 10 demonstrations will clearly respond to the US officials that they had been grateful to US presidents or they cry out their wrath toward them; we however thank this new guy in the White House [Trump], since he largely did the job we had been trying to do in the past decades: to divulge the true face of the US; we had been working to show the world the depth of corruption in US government and ranks and files of the ruling elite; Trump did it in few days after coming to the White House; their claims to human rights are no longer tenable and had been belied by their own action to discredit hollow claims,” Ayatollah Khamenei told the meeting.