RIYADH, Feb. 07 (Press Shia Agency) – Saudis below 40 will not be granted permission from concerned Saudi authorities to travel to Iraq alone, Okaz local newspaper reported on Tuesday.

Males and females under the age of 40 can be allowed to travel with elder family members, according to the new rules by the Saudi passport directorate to regulate the travel of its citizens to Iraq.

The permission duration is three months and could only be used once, as travelers should obtain another one in case of more than one travel within the period of the first permission.

It is granted only if the appliers come to the department with the required original documents.

The report didn’t highlight why such rules have been implemented, which are believed as part of measures to limit Saudis from travelling to conflicts zones to join militant groups.

Restricting and not banning travel to Iraq is because of the holy sites there that are regularly visited by Shiites from all over the world, including Saudis from the minority Shia community. 

XINHUA/Press Shia Agency