NEW YORK, Feb. 08 (Press Shia Agency) – The humanitarian situation improves in the oriental part of the Iraqi city of Mosul, after the expulsion of the ISIL, assured Tuesday the agency of the UN entrusted to attend the victims of conflicts and disasters.

In a declaration, the Office of Coordination of Humanitarian Matters of United Nations (OCHA) added that there is a reduction in the rhythm of the displacements and progresses in the access to food and medical help by the inhabitants of the neighborhoods at the east of the metropolis, taken in 2014 by the Yihadist rebels.
Iraqi troops with the support of Kurdish militias and the foreign coalition headed by the US launched an offensive on October 17, 2016 to recover Mosul, an operation that managed to release the east of the city, divided by the Tigris River, but the western part continues in the the hands of the ISIL members, and strong fighting to evict it from there is predicted.
According to the OCHA, them conditions of security still complicated, starting from the systematic attacks with mortars and drones executed by the terrorist group from their bastions in the other side of the Tigris.
However, the assistance does not stop in the eastern neighborhoods of Mosul, where more than 280 thousand kits of food “ready to eat”, articles of hygiene and water by trucks of cistern are distributed.

PL/Press Shia Agency