A teacher in the Islamic Seminaries explained the activities of the counsellors of the ‎Jihadi Companions Association in the hospitals of Ahvaz and said, “The group visited ‎hospitals in Ahvaz 164 times and spent more than 500 hours visiting Coronavirus ‎patients.”

RNA – In an exclusion interview with Rasa News Agency, Hujjat al-Islam Qorandoust, ‎the coordinating officer of the advisory group of the Jihadi Companions Association, ‎explained the jihadi activities of a group of seminarians who have been providing ‎services for those ill with COVID-19 (Coronavirus) in Ahvaz and said, “Most of those ill ‎with the Coronavirus lose their morale and hope for life, suffer from lack of sleep and ‎impatience and need to be given hope and a boost to their morale to continue their ‎lives.”‎

His Eminence stated, “In the first period, 15 Ahvazi seminarians were trained under the ‎supervision of the Qom Students’ Jihadi Group and the advisory group of the Jihadi ‎Companions Association visited hospitals in Ahvaz 164 times. They have assisted ‎Coronavirus patients for over 500 hours and a second training course has been held for ‎Ahvazi students willing to assist in the hospitals.”‎

Hujjat al-Islam Qorandoust group stated, “The most important objective of the Jihadi ‎Companions Association is to make bedside visits to Coronavirus patients in the ‎hospitals. However, in certain cases, the group’s counsellors were present at the homes ‎of relatives of the deceased patients, where counselling was provided and counselling ‎sessions for medical staff and hospital staff were also held.” ‎

He assessed the presence of the group of advisors of the Jihadi Companions ‎Association in hospitals as positive and said, “Hospital staff and patients acknowledge ‎that we have lost our morale and hope but with the advice and discussions of the group ‎of seminarian counsellors, we have hope to live and continue our activities.”‎

Hujjat al-Islam Qorandoust stated, “The heads of the hospitals have considered the ‎group of counsellors of the Jihadi Companions Association as part of their medical staff, ‎and physicians are asking for medical advice in the case of patients and the patients be ‎discharged from the hospital after consulting with the group’s counsellors.”‎

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Source by [Rasa News Agency]