TEHRAN, Feb. 10 (Press Shia) – President Hassan Rouhani, while noting that Iran has been a haven for the entire region in the toughest days, underlined that the country’s military power is defensive.

Addressing a meeting attended by foreign ambassador and envoys of foreign organizations residing in Tehran on the occasion of 38th anniversary of Islamic Revolution, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani stated that “the 38th anniversary of the victory of Islamic Revolution is being commemorated at a time when political conditions of Iran has provided the most suitable ground for relations with other nations since illegal sanctions have been eliminated.”

Rouhani invited foreign envoys to depict realities of the Islamic Republic of Iran and to pave the path for closer ties of their respective countries with Tehran. He deemed all available venues for cooperation in Iran as a precious opportunity for both his country and others; “with respect to economy, Iran enjoys untouched grounds and is ready to launch collaboration with other countries in line with common interests.”

“In recent months, various economic delegation made visits to Tehran from across the globe and we observe proper conditions for economic collaboration and joint investment in very many fields like oil, gas, railway, petrochemicals, aircraft, construction of ports, automotive, steel and many other areas of industry and agriculture.”

The Iranian President reiterated that Iran has never intended to interfere in other country’s issues since the country’s military power is merely of a defensive nature.

In the current situation, some should not be allowed to endanger regional and international conditions by fostering illusion.

He called for stronger relations among nations in a bid to take advantage of mutual interests by relying on each other’s knowledge and culture since the age of distance among countries is over.

Later in his remarks, President Rouhani recalled emergence of the Islamic Revolution which was accomplished 38 years ago merely by relaying on people and despite the fact that many countries supporter the authoritarian regime; “back then, Cold War and bipolar system were ongoing and the Islamic Republic of Iran managed to make history only through resistance and perseverance of the people.”

He said since early days of the Revolution, we were aware that certain world powers would design conspiracies against people and the country.

“We were faced with several difficulties most of which are now threatening the world,” noted Rouhani saying “the first problem which was formed by aliens was terrorism as terrorists caused insecurity by killing innocent people.”

He stressed that the second barrier was US military interference entitled Operation Eagle Claw which faced a humiliating defeat in the Sand Storm of Tabas.

“The third conspiracy was a failed Coup d’état and enemies eventually hatched a plot for Saddam’s interference in the country,” said the official recalling that all these difficulties had emerged in the first two years after the victory of the Revolution.

Hassan Rouhani went on to underscore that Iranophobia was baseless as proved by history; “in line with Iranophobia, world powers were hoping that national cohesion will be shattered and Iran will be divided in smaller parts for insecurity to prevails throughout the region.”

“They also made the false claim that Iran intended to exports its Revolution to other parts of the world in order to destabilize regional regimes which was also proved to be a lie,” he added.

He said Iran has always been a haven for regional nations in the most difficult times; “we were the first to warn than Saddam or Taliban were major threats to peace and security in the region.”

“Iran condemned US attack against Iraq and today we declare that terrorism remains as a big threat to the whole world,” he emphasized.

He noted that the fight against terrorism required a mixture of cultural, intelligence and military measures since regional and global peace was attainable only through unity, dialogue and removal of violence and extremism.

He reiterated that Iran was after peace and security in the region asserting that negotiation and dialogue remained as the best solution to possible disputes between two countries.

Rouhani said Iran’s nuclear negotiations with six world powers proved that dialogue could solve the most complicated issues in the world.

The Iranian President underlined that weapons of mass destruction were a threat to the world in view of developments in governments; “we need to world hand in hand and similar to environmental issues, these weapons need to be eliminated through unity and solidarity.”

“In Syria, terrorists exploited chemical weapons indicating that terrorists’ access to these weapons could turn into a major issue for the world.”

Hassan Rouhani emphasized that Iran was against weapons of mass destruction and would support any country entangled with the scourge of terrorism which is endangering stability and security of countries.

“Combating terrorism and establishing peace and security in the region and the world needs to become a priority in foreign policy of all countries and be raised as an urgent need of human society,” detailed the Iranian President urging the world to seek real peace and security which will bring about progress and welfare of the public.