TEHRAN, Feb. 10 (Press Shia) – President Hassan Rouhani has said large turnout in streets is a strong response to undeserved commentary White House tenants had been making on Iranians.

Mr. Rouhani who was participating in the rallies along with his cabinet members and the public, extended gratitude by his government to high turnout of the public in streets to join with Revolutionary zest; “public turnout sends the message to the world that the Revolution is living and had been in the path to its ideals; the crowd renew allegiance to the Founder of the Revolution and Leader of the Islamic Revolution; this year’s anniversary is special, since there are some in the White House that had been talking disparagingly about a great nation and our nation is responding to these unfounded and underserved comments,” Rouhani told the reporters and the public.

“Demonstrators also communicate an important message as well, message of peace and mutual respect the nation had been expecting from the international community, to the world; however, the nation would turn harsh against any bullying remarks and would not tolerate language of threat and humiliation,” president added. “Those resorting to empty threats would regret their comments later by the strong response our public is communicating now in this great rally,” Rouhani concluded.