TEHRAN, Feb. 10 (Press Shia Agency) – Iran’s Hassan Rouhani hailed great figures of the Revolution, paying homage to early core of the Revolution and the pillars who formed the backbone of the Islamic government coming out of the referendum.

Rouhani made complimentary references to the former Revolutionary figures, the latest of whom was Ayatollah Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani who died of heart attack earlier in January, but believed that even without such pillars, the nation would fast walk in the road to Revolutionary ideals of ‘progress, spirituality, justice, freedom and national sovereignty upheld by the early Revolutionaries and the public; “the ultimate objective is to attain independence and to defy powers of the darkness; Revolution is a turning point in history of the nation; it overthrow a despotic regime puppet as it was and received orders from the White House, acting as a vassal state,” Rouhani said in his speech on Friday addressing the Feb. 11 rallies.

“Many men and women of merit contributed to this Revolution, but remained unknown, but acted heroically through an unassuming conduct; we owe the present security and stability to their anonymous contribution,” said the president. “In no revolution did the public endorsed a new regime of government within less than two months from the Revolution by participation in a referendum,” Rouhani asked rhetorically. “Nor did any revolution prepare their own new constitution, a feat only possible in Islamic Revolution of 1979.”

“The Revolution belongs to all ethnic, religious, and age groups; all generations will enjoy the benefits and boons of the Revolution; our youth will continue the path the young generation in February 11 1979 had begun,” president underlined.