TEHRAN, Feb. 10 (Press Shia) – The closing statement of Friday’s rallies to mark the Islamic Revolution of 1979 had recommended the cabinet to ‘act according to Revolutionary resolve.’

The statement, the closing part of the rallies during 38 past years and prepared in 13 articles, summarizes the tenets of the system; in the first article, the statement renews allegiance to the high ideals of the late Founder and current Leader of the Islamic Revolution and vows to follow the guidelines voiced by the Leader in his many addresses, and emphasizes the ‘[absolute] rule of the jurist’ as a major part of the national sovereignty of the country.

Elsewhere in the statement, rejection of any domination by any power and distrust of them is highlighted as the defining principle of the Islamic system; “the US efforts to pose new sanctions is condemned; the statement calls the Parliament and JCPOA Supervising Committee on taking strong positions and retaliatory measures,” it reads.

In a more regional position the statement reiterated Iran’s regional policy of supporting popular resistance front; “the statement recognizes the territorial integrity of Syria, Iraq, Yemen and elsewhere in the Middle East, and condemns any destabilizing efforts imposed in the region from the outside,” it said.

It also emphasized that Saudi Arabian crimes in Yemen and Bahrain which were supported by the US, Britain and the Zionist regime should be condemned by the majority of the nations in the region; “reactionary regimes had been fostering violence, extremism, hatred, and terrorism through helping Takfirist circles; this statement discourages any fueling of sectarian strife since it believes it would only benefit the Zionist regime; all Muslims should unite against the occupying regime of the Al-Aqsa,’ the statement said.

The statement extended condemnation on the ‘racist and despotic’ nature of the Zionist regime; “as God has promised, such regimes will be annihilated from the earth, and only supporters of the Zionism will be the loser and will face eternal shame.”

“The US is the first enemy of the nation, and on this we are unanimous; in line with Leader’s recommendations, the nation will abort intelligence and infiltration campaign to weaken the Islamic system and will save the county in a highly volatile and violent region; the demonstrators voice preparation for such probable confrontations, commending the country’s intelligence on their success in protecting the system,” it added.

Resistance Economy also was hailed in the statement as a ‘prescription to have the economy and the country in handling sanctions imposed by modern liberal economic dictatorship of the imperialist powers; “in this path, we will rely on God and our indigenous young university graduates and expertise, boosting domestic production, and reinforcing country’s infrastructures, to defeat efforts to implement evil plans by the enemies to compromise the system,” it said.

The statement also believed missile capabilities would not be negotiated nor traded off for other expediencies; “deterrence power, national security, and missile capabilities constitute redlines for the system; we believe any intervention to address missile capabilities is unconventional and country will see it as unwanted-for interference with its internal affairs,” the statement emphasized.

No less important was the issue of presidential election of May 2017, which the statement said indicated a working example of religious democracy. It also called the public to participate in multitudes to create another political epic and to infuse new blood to the veins of the system. It concluded with calling all future candidates to observe the religious and ethical practices in place in the campaign, and through this improve solidarity and thus to deprive the enemy of its hopes invested in specific circles serving its interests.