TEHRAN, Feb. 10 (Press Shia) – Def. Min. Dehghan said the great nation of Iran was after development and fortifying of social foundations via constructive engagement with non-hostile states and the Resistance Economy strategy.

Speaking during Bahman 22 rallies in the north Iranian city of Rasht, Dehghan said the nation would spare no effort in developing defensive capabilities proportionate to existing threats and in line with the country’s progress.

He pointed to numerous advantages of the Islamic Revolution adding “Iranians take all necessary measures to continue the path of Imam Khomeini since they seek independence, progress and security in the light of a divine order.”

He emphasized that the public and the poor needed to receive due attention since the Revolution was accomplished mainly by relaying on people.

Brig. Gen. Dehghan deemed respect for people’s votes as another distinguished characteristic of the Revolution saying “religious democracy prevails the country as evidenced by elections which are held at least once a year.”

Colonialism threatens and tramples people and aims to create a gap between people and officials in order to undermine the foundations of the Revolution, he added.

Iranian defense minister said contribution to freedom seekers and the oppressed nations as an inherent element of the Revolution saying “Iranians hold the belief that the oppressed nations in conflict with hegemonic regimes need to be aided.”

He recalled that the Islamic Revolution remained as an emblem in the world and that the Iranian nation has always thwarted conspiracies of enemies; “US will never dare again take its military to other countries and American government’s decision to withdraw troops from Iraq and Afghanistan was to maintain their questionable reputation.”

“Enemies have hatched various plots, like war or sanctions, to form a global consensus against Iran,” said Brig. Gen. Hossein Dehghan noting that terrorist groups were nurtured and raised by the government of the US who is now worried about arrival of even a five-year-old child in his territories.

He went on to stress that the Iranian nation has gained a credible status in the world and enjoys the highest level of unity and solidarity thanks to bravery of martyrs and wise guidelines of the Leader.

“All forms of pressure applied by enemies have remained futile and the country will take all necessary steps to expand its defensive capabilities in view of threats.”.

Touching upon US claims on Iran’s missile program, defense minister said the nation’s message was that Iran would never allow outsiders to move in a direction contrary to our national interests.

“The Iranian nation would never want to produce or keep microbial and biological weapons of mass destruction while at the same time we perceive no limits in aerospace, maritime and cyber arenas” he concluded.