TEHRAN, Feb. 11 (Press Shia Agency) – Iran’s FM spokesman deemed alleged pictures against officials of neighboring countries in Bahman 22 rallies as an unwise and suspicious measure which is rebuked by the Iranian nation.

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Ghasemi on Friday dismissed as false an anti-Kuwaiti picture that was allegedly taken at the nationwide rallies marking the 38th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution.

The official denounced the measure since it intended to undermine Iran’s relations with Kuwaiti government and authorities saying “widespread sharing of a suspicious picture in cyberspace which involves an unrealistic image of the neighboring country is never approved by the Iranian nations or government.”

He added that authorities in countries like America and the Zionist regime held obvious hostility towards the Iranian nation and that their aggression and greed will be naturally faced with reaction of Muslim people.

“The doubtful attempt is unacceptable since it remains inconsistent with rapprochement between the two countries or with the friendly and constructive messages exchanged between the two sides as well as ideals of the glorious Islamic Revolution in line with solidarity of the Islamic Ummah,” he continued.

He also said although there’s enmity between Iran and countries such as the US or Israel, the Iran’s relations with its neighbors, including Kuwait, is friendly.