TEHRAN, Feb. 12 (Press Shia) – President Hassan Rouhani has said Tehran and Chișinău should accelerate trade and banking ties.

Mr. Rouhani received on Sunday evening Moldovan President Igor Dodon who is visiting Tehran. Rouhani remind the official that Iran was among the early countries who recognized Moldovan independence from the USSR in 1991 and started friendly relations with tiny east European nation.

“We welcome trade with Moldova, where nany Iranian economic sectors could provide Moldova with raw material as well as finished products and attract the country’s investors,” he told the meeting. “Iran’s energy sector could serve Moldova with its energy requirements and both countries could cooperate to bring some improvement to Iran’s affected banking sector and crippled financial transactions.”

Rouhani reiterated openings the JCPOA had won for the country, including removal of sanctions on its oil exports which greatly helped the country with handling budget deficits; “now we are open to investments since no resolution would recognize sanctions on Iran’s economy; both Iran and Moldova should discover the great potentials for working in trade with entrepreneurs frequenting both capitals,” said the president.

Mr. Dodon for his part hailed Iran as a millennial civilization and great culture; he shared with Rouhani the view that economic and trade opportunities should be converted to net gains in terms of national interests; “we welcome Iran’s cooperation and contribution to Moldovan transportation, energy, and international goods transit, along with an improved banking transaction,” he briefly told the meeting.