TEHRAN (Press Shia Agency) – The Iranian president described the promotion of economic cooperation with neighbors as a main priority in Tehran’s foreign policy agenda.

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Addressing the second meeting on “Promotion of Cooperation with Neighbors”, held in Tehran on Monday, Rouhani said expansion of economic cooperation with neighboring countries plays an important role in dealing with problems.

One of Iran’s main priorities is to strengthen strategic relations with neighboring states, particularly in the economic and trade arena, the president noted, adding that historical and cultural bonds among regional nations allow for enhanced cooperation that would consequently serve the common interests of regional governments and nations. 

Foreign relations cover a much broader prospect than foreign policy, Rouhani stated, saying all Iranian ministries should take the opportunities to establish and broaden foreign relations.

Highlighting Iran’s support for friendly and brotherly neighboring nations in the past, the president said Tehran welcomes the promotion of bilateral and regional interaction with the neighbors.

“We, all of our brothers in the region, and Iran’s neighbors must amicably push for the development of the entire region. Coordinated and shared economy in the region would contribute to peace and security,” he added, the government’s website reported.

The president also called for the promotion of tourism, joint investment plans, as well as banking and financial cooperation among neighbors.

After hearing reports from a number of cabinet ministers, Rouhani stressed the need to boost cooperation between the private sectors of Iran and neighboring countries in customs affairs, transportation industry and exchange of commodities.