TEHRAN (Press Shia Agency) – A group of Black Lives Matter protesters blockaded the George Washington Bridge into Manhattan on Saturday night, closing off traffic for around 20 minutes before marching to a police precinct and clashing with the NYPD.

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The New York Post said six people had been detained.

Both lanes of the upper level were blocked by flag-waving protesters, who marched on to the bridge at 7.30pm and remained there for up to 20 minutes.

The group, trailed by Port Authority Police, then moved on to the 34th Precinct, having met up with another group of demonstrators.

Four blocks up from the bridge, on West 183rd Street and Broadway, they were met at the precinct by a line of police.

After their rally, the police then moved to forcefully clear the area, some using batons on the protesters.

One protester was seen being pushed to the ground by a white-shirted officer.

The group dispersed by 10pm. Police reported no injuries.

Suffles also erupted between police and Black Lives Matter protesters, in front of the New York City Police Department building, on Saturday.