WASHINGTON, Feb. 15 (Press Shia) – The US Government has frozen Tuesday assets of Venezuelan Vice President Tareck El Aissami on allegations he’s involved with drug-trafficking, accusation rejected by the Government of Venezuela.

The imputations “do not find any solid support on reality” and are part of “an international framework to attack Venezuela,” the Venezuelan Foreign Affairs Ministry underlines in a communique.
The action was ordered by the Office for Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) of the US Department of Treasure, what has been seen as “an aggression to which Venezuela will respond.”
For his part, Venezuelan Vice President El Aissami regarded this aggression as “despicable”.Meanwhile, Venezuelan Minister of Foreign Affairs, Delcy Rodriguez states that since the expulsion of the US Drug Enforcement Agency from Venezuela in 2006, the Venezuelan security forces confiscated 55.5 tons of narcotics, most of them in transit to the US, the world’s biggest market.
The minister points out that the allegations against El Aissami do not have the least international legality, and constitutes “an aggression to our homeland and a false statement against a very decent Venezuelan official, who is also a prominent criminologist with a long history of services against drug trafficking, having taken more than 21 drug distribution capos to trials.

PL/Press Shia