TEHRAN, Feb. 17 (Press Shia Agency) – Iran’s ministry of foreign affairs issued a statement on Friday to condemn the terrorist attack of Thursday in Pakistan.

A day after a massive bombing in Sehwan, a town in the southern Sindh province of Pakistan, which killed 88 people and injured hundreds more at a crowded shrine, Bahram Ghasemi, the Spokesman of Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, categorically condemned the attack and described it a horrific act of savagery and violence. The diplomat offered to the bereaved families and people and government of Pakistan.

“Instrumental usage of terror and spreading horror to secure political ends are the filthiest methods in the political sphere of the region and the world and in addition to destabilizing the region, makes it unsecure and chaotic,” affirmed the spokesman of the foreign ministry. “Now, it is the time for the world and the people of it to come to their mind more than ever and with coordinated measures of practical worth, far from double standardized stances, remove the sinister plague of terror and massacre of innocents from the world.”

Referring to the way the western media and politicians react to terrorist attacks in the west vis-à-vis the ones in the Islamic countries, Ghasemi underlined that, “the world should bear in mind that the lives of all people from the four corners of the world are the same way worthy.”

Reminding the responsibility of all countries and international organizations about this issue, Ghasemi said that a widespread movement against terror, violence, and extremism is necessary.  He said that all peace-sseking governments and nations should join the movement.

The Iranian diplomat reiterated that “the Islamic Republic of Iran believes, as expressed before, that the path to save the world and the world’s people, and prevent instability, is to fight the this disastrous phenomenon of the age relentlessly with unanimous stance against terrorism and extremism and eradicating the cultural roots of them. Iran is ready to cooperate for this sacred cause.”