QUITO, Feb. 18 (Press Shia Agency) – Ecuador leads actions in defense of rights of migrants living in the United States, where the new government harshens policies against that sector.

In that sense, the Consulate General of this South American country in the city of Los Angeles held a meeting with diplomatic officials of other Latin American territories to articulate a joint plan.
As a result of the meeting, consuls of Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico and Peru agreed to visit penitentiaries where are presently arrested 162 migrants of their countries since last week.
The officials will ask for details on the reasons for the arrests and the conditions the detainees of the Immigration Service and Customs Control of California are in, state considered “sanctuary” of migrants.
In this regard, the Ecuadorian Foreign Ministry clarified in a press release that the list does not include any citizen of this country, but “to unite efforts of those consulates of other countries makes the actions carried out are not seen as isolated, but coordinated”.
For his part, Diego Jaramillo, General Consul of Ecuador in Los Angeles, emphasized: “Our consulates are not onlyh attending the needs, but alsoi evaluating the present situatuion and together face it in the best way possible”.
Diplomats plan on organizing other dates to share information and resources in order to protect civil rights of their fellow countrymen.
The new actions take part in the Plan of Consular Contingency, implemented recently by Quito, after the neasures adopted by the new US administration led by president Donald Trump, that include the construction of a dividing wall between the US and Mexico.
Its new policy also includes the restoration of the migrant veto against travelers os seven countries of Islamic majority, resource rejected by a federal court of appeal of the northern country.
One of the main principles defended by Ecuador is that no human being can be treated as ilegal and in that sense promotes norms in defense of migrants, which include the recent approval of the Organic Law of Human Mobility.

PL/Press Shia Agency