TEHRAN, Feb. 20 (Press Shia Agency) – Foreign Ministry spokesperson has told a press conference President Rouhani’s tour of Persian Gulf countries have been fruitful.

Mr. Bahram Ghasemi is currently speaking to the press in his weekly press conference held usually on Mondays. His primary focus was on Mr. Rouhani’s tour of Oman and Kuwait where Ghasemi believed president received a lavish welcome, as an indication that Iran’s relations with these two countries had been cordial; “Iran’s foreign policy pursues a friendly relations and constructive ties with the neighbors; there is excellent ground for cooperation and diplomacy with Oman and Kuwait, as Mr. Rouhani’s visit provides testament,” he told reporters.

Ghasemi then turned to relations with Saudi Arabia; “an Iranian delegation will visit Saudi capital of Riyadh this week to discuss prospects of hajj pilgrimage with Saudi officials; the visit is by an official invitation by Saudi sides,” the spokesperson said.

Ghasemi accused some ‘malignant hands’ of creating problems for Iran’s ties with Arab countries in the region; however, he believed President Rouhani’s visit to Kuwait and Oman helped improve the atmosphere where Iran would be viewed in more positive lights; “Iran works to have relations with Arab neighbors based on principles of mutual respect and noninterference; for example, in Munich Security Conference, positions about Iran by some of these malignant hands were clichéd and in some cases, not to be taken serious,” he told the press, lamenting the cacophony and heteroglossia where there was a general state of ambivalence, “since we have received from Persian Gulf many negative signals and messages, while they also communicate positive positions as well.” 
“No single voice would clearly speak out the Persian Gulf countries’ positions and we should interpret contradictory messages with care and caution,” he asserted.