TEHRAN (Press Shia) – The head of Interests Section of the Islamic Republic in Egypt slammed the Zionist regime as the common enemy of the Muslim world, saying the US and Israel seek to create division between Iran and Arab countries.

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In remark on Sunday, Nasser Kan’ani urged vigilance against the US-Israeli policy of fomenting division and hostility between Iran and the Arab world.

“The interests of Iran and the Arab world would not be fulfilled with such confrontation,” the Iranian diplomat added.

He also emphasized that the Zionist regime has been founded on the basis of hostility towards the Islamic and Arab world and will never be considered as a friend of the Arab states.

Highlighting the long history of interaction, civilizational exchanges, and cultural commonalities between Iranians and Arabs, Kan’ani said the Islamic Republic has proved over the past four decades that it favors regional cooperation and attaches significance to the security of its neighbors.

His comments came after Egyptian diplomat and director of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Mostafa el Feki, implied in a recent interview that Iran and the Zionist regime are the enemies of the Arab countries.

Iran maintains that its foreign policy is based upon constructive interaction with the Muslim, Arab and neighboring countries.