Press Shia Agency – Ayatollah al-Ghurayfi said, “Our hearts are in pain due to crises, bloodshed, tears, difficulties facing Bahraini parents, the cries of the orphans and the moans of spouses.”

Press Shia – Speaking to worshipers in the Manama neighbourhood of Qafoul’s Imam Sadiq Mosque, Ayatollah Sayyed Abdullah al-Ghurayfi, a senior Bahraini Shi’ah scholar, said that the hearts of the Bahraini people beat in love of their country and added that this isn’t a media or political slogan from us and we don’t want to encourage satisfaction or anger through these words.

“Through complete truth and loyalty, we declare that we want to save the country from any kind of difficulty and crisis,” he stated.

He added that Bahrain is currently facing a very difficult time and it shouldn’t be a problem for the government to review its performance and correct their mistakes and noted, “The advanced governments of the world are constantly engaged in self-monitoring to keep their countries away from wrong policies.”

Ayatollah al-Ghurayfi stressed the need to try to find a solution to resolve the mistakes and challenges and said, “Our hearts are in pain due to crises, bloodshed, tears, difficulties facing parents, the cries of the orphans and the moans of spouses. A lot of blood has shed due to the people’s love and attachment for their country and in this situation, the people couldn’t be optimistic about the future and keep their hope alive.”

The Bahraini scholar pointed out that smiles are far from the lips of the Bahraini people and added, “Love has left their hearts, we don’t see any compromise and difficult conditions govern the country because the spiteful and seditionists in society have been overtaken but our hope is in God and whoever turns away from hope in God has disbelieved.”

He stressed on resorting to legal responsibilities and commitment to values, ethics and just laws and stated that in order to institute reforms in Bahrain, the political differences that complicate the situation in the country must come to an end and in this regard, trust must be restored between the people and the government because reform is not possible in the light of distrust.

The Friday prayer leader of Qafoul noted the mixing of the political issues with religious, social, cultural and economic issues and said that religious issues contain many sensitivities and any type of aggression against them is considered as arousing the emotions of the followers of any religion or sect.

“The targeting symbols of religion, rituals and religious beliefs poses a major challenge for political activity,” he said.

Ayatollah al-Ghurayfi stressed that the discourses which increase religious, political and social tension are the causes of the crises in Bahrain and discussions from the pulpits on religious, cultural, political and even media issues pulpits must stop.

He added that paving the way for conscious political activities is one of the issues that can stop the crisis in Bahrain.

In conclusion, he said, “The most important issue is to establish peace in society, for officials to speak with the people and eliminate their concerns. Surely the tense words of the officials will cause conflict in society.”