TEHRAN, Feb. 27 (Press Shia Agency) – A core of Irish activists joined by activists from other countries will have launch a campaign We Save Syria on St. Patrick’s Day, March 17, 2017.

The movement was incited by participation of Irish-born ISIL terrorists in Syria the crimes of whom the group wants to expiate by charity works in government-held Syria.

Over 50 Irish, Australian, British, Greek, Iranian and Lebanese citizens join Syria’s Muslim and Christian communities in celebrating St Patrick’s Day, March 17th 2017, in Aleppo, Syrian Arab Republic. The group, which includes prominent academics, journalists and world-renowned artists, will also officiate at Damascus’ inaugural St Patrick’s Day parade and present shamrock to Syria’s leaders, as well as a cross-section of Syrian orphans and amputees, at the same time Irish Taoiseach Enda Kenny presents POTUS Trump with shamrock. The group will convey the hope of the ordinary people of their respective countries for an end to the EU’s genocide campaign against the Syrian people and for an end to EU sanctions, which, like Madeleine Albright’s genocidal Iraqi sanctions before them, are but brutal cudgels to murder Syrian children by the thousands and tens of thousands.

As well as visiting Syria’s surviving Armenian, Alawi, Assyrian, Shia, Druze, Yezidi and Ismael communities the rebels systematically exterminate, the internationally-acclaimed artists who are spear-heading the delegation, will initiate community mural projects in Aleppo as a means of highlighting what the Syrian people have endured and as a means of catharsis for those children who have survived thus far this Irish-backed Holocaust. Journalists accompanying us will report on Syria’s sanctions-battered health services and Syria’s gallant efforts to preserve our common cultural heritage as well as many other facets of this textbook exercise in genocide.

This fact-finding delegation is the latest in a number of initiatives, which have included the successful December 1st 2016 visit to the Irish Parliament of Syria’s Muslim and Christian leaders, who also faced down those well-known thugs who previously coordinated the attacks on Dublin’s Belgian Embassy with ISIS suicide bomber Terry Khalid Kelly. Peace initiatives like this will continue in Syria and in Ireland whose good name and neutrality. Irish-based terrorists like Terry Kelly, Alaa Ciymeh, Shamseddin Gaidan, Hudhaifa ElSayed, Hisham Habbash, Muthenna Abu Taubah, Mahdi/Mehdi al-Harati, Housam “Irish Dave” Najjair, Eyad Shaar and Irish-based NGOs like GOAL have so disgracefully and so indelibly besmirched. Cromwell’s Curse on each and every one of them and their Irish funded “comrades” who have organ-harvested 18,000 Syrian children in the last two years alone a sliotar puck over the Turkish border from where our Paddy’s Day tour ends.

Given that yet more Syrian sanctions are to be imposed by the USA, France and the world’s other toadies, given that Western ghouls crave yet more Syrian and Yemeni child corpses to harvest, given that controversial Irish NGO GOAL which pumps a whopping $50m a year into terrorist-ruled Syrian enclave of Idlib is to merge with Oxfam and given that GOAL refuses to give as much as a penny roll or streak of hairy bacon to the heroic children of government-held Syria, who have endured thus far, Cromwell’s curse is entirely appropriate but not sufficient. Syria’s heroic women, medics and children need your support in this initiative and those that will soon follow until St Patrick or, more likely, the Syrian Arab Army banish these two-headed snakes bag and baggage from Syria and back to their Saudi spawning grounds.