TEHRAN, Feb. 27 (Press Shia) – Judiciary head has said infiltration through soft means as elections had been a continuing trend inside the country with circles acting on behalf of the US.

Ayatollah Sadeq Amoli Larijani who was addressing a meeting of Judiciary high-ranking officials on Monday, said all parties and political groups should observe the ethics of the elections to avoid vilification and false scandal. “All groups and parties along the public should act according to specific rules the law sets upon the election campaign; executive and supervising bodies should also be on high alert to protect the election process from infiltration by the insider circles acting on behalf of the enemies especially the US,” he told the meeting.

“There have been undercurrents that specific circles are still active and have strong footholds inside the country which try to infiltrate political processes including elections; they [enemies] will try other means to compromise the system through soft war when they fail to do so via military means,” Amoli Larijani warned, “their movements should be strictly monitored inside; efforts to display a distorted image of the system and officials and downplaying the very act of elections should also be warned against.”

Amoli Larijani warned against a trend where parties and groups stick to the shibboleth ‘end will justify the means;’ “presidential elections is supposed to elect the highest executive official and thus is important; this should not be forlorn or overshadowed by short-term objectives set by parties; such a win would be short-lived but will definitely jeopardize the greater good of the country,” he objected.

Still in a different story, Amoli Larijani turned to Tehran International Conference on Palestine where he extended gratitude for the organizers of the event; “the event has been an effective means to put the Palestinian issue in the spotlight again to the consternation of the Zionist regime who had been working to de-prioritize the issue within the Islamic world,” he concluded.