TEHRAN, Mar. 01 (Press Shia) – President Rouhani underlined that Islamic Republic of Iran considers strengthening Economic Cooperation Organization as a priority.

Presidnet Hassan Rouhani, in a message on the occasion of 13th ECO member summit due on Wednesday, said despite all political and economic differences, the cultural similarities between the member states has the capability to provide ground for all-out development of ECO and its role-playing in the international arena.

“Iran, as a founder of the organization, considers empowering ECO with an approach based on mutual respect, its priority; Islamic Republic welcomes the development of cooperation within the frames of the Organization and hopes to witness broader collaboration with the aim of sustaining welfare and prosperity for the member states,” reads part of the message.

President Rouhani also reaffirmed that the cooperation under the ECO could lead to stepping in a secure path far from the turmoil of regional and international crises.

“No doubt, the 13th ECO summit, with the warm hosting of our brother neighbor Pakistan, is an ample opportunity for discussing and sharing views based upon which we can make serious steps toward advancing the programs and activities of the Organization as one of the oldest economic entities in the region,” the message concludes.

13th ECO summit would open with President Rouhani’s speech on Wednesday in Islamabad.