Press Shia Agency – Hujjat al-Islam Khalili described the Saudi Minister of Foreign Affairs as the official spokesperson for the United States in the Middle East.

Press Shia – In an interview with Press Shia Agency News Agency, Hujjat al-Islam Ali Khalili, the Friday prayer leader of the town of Haftgel in Khuzestan province, said that the Islamic Republic of Iran is a harbinger of peace, unity and solidarity in the Islamic ummah.

The Iranian cleric said that Saudi Arabia’s creation of dissension and disunity among Muslims is well-known and a recent example is the harsh rhetoric by the Saudi Minister of Foreign Affairs, Adil al-Jubayr, against Iran at the 53rd Munich Security Conference.

“Such remarks demonstrate the reactionary state of the Al Saud in achieving their evil objectives and policies,” he said.

Hujjat al-Islam Khalili noted the untrustworthiness of the Saudis and referred their disregard of the lives of innocent people and infrastructure of Yemen in their ongoing bombardment of the impoverished Arab country.

“The luxuriousness and debauchery of the Al Saud demonstrates their lack of compliance with Islamic customs and affairs,” His Eminence stated.

He said that al-Jubayr’s February 25 visit to Iraq and the announcement of Iraq’s role in creating rapprochement between Iran and Saudi Arabia is just one of Saudi Arabia’s tactics to achieve their objectives because the Al Saud doesn’t seek to correct current processes.

The chairman of the General Cultural Council of Haftgel referred to the lack of a fixed position among Saudi officials and said Saudi Arabia’s divisive positions are means to achieve its evil regional goals and with the survival of this nature, we will witness a continuation of their reckless and foolish behaviours.

Hujjat al-Islam Khalili described al-Jubayr is as the official spokesperson for the United States in the Middle East, saying, “He called the Islamic Republic of Iran ‘the largest supporter of terrorism,’ meanwhile Iran’s Islamic ideology dominates in the region.”

He advised Iraqi officials to be vigilant in regard to al-Jubayr’s presence in Baghdad and said, “Saudi Arabia is one of the sides of an evil triangle in the region and this visit was aimed at convincing the countries of the region to wage war on Iran and an unwillingness to engage in efforts toward peace and reconciliation.

Hujjat al-Islam Khalili referred to the victories of the Resistance Axis in Iraq, especially in Mosul, and said, “By visiting Iraq, al-Jubayr sought to stop the progression of the Resistance and reinvigorate and strengthen terrorist groups, such as Daesh.”