Press Shia – Ayatollah Nouri-Hamadani said, “The 1979 Iranian Islamic Revolution broke down the West’s hegemonic power and awakened all whose who were fighting oppression.”

Press Shia – In a meeting with a group of commanders of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards in Qom on Tuesday, Grand Ayatollah Hoseyn Nouri-Hamadani, a Shi’ah source of emulation, remarked, “The late Imam Khomeini managed to broke the hegemonic system of East and West in the world.”

The senior cleric then referred to prophets’ mission as educating mankind aiming to seek proximity to God adding, “The world is like a school in which human beings are to be educated and guided towards the path of piety and religious faith.”

“If one walks on the path of religion, he or she will reach felicity in life and hereafter,” His Eminence said.

Ayatollah Nouri-Hamadani went on, “Islam has offered several elements as necessary components for mankind to reach felicity in life which are: knowledge of God, adherence to Ahlul-Bayt’s teachings, having faith and piety, strengthening religious reasoning to better comprehend and analyze life events, distinguishing the enemy from friend as well as self-knowledge.”

“Science and reason are the other necessary principles. It must be noted that science is different than reason since a rational man has the ability to tell right from wrong, whereas many who are experts in sciences do not possess such wisdom and insight,” he concluded.