Press Shia Agency – A senior Lebanese Sunni cleric said that Wahhabism has sowed the seeds of sedition and flooded the world with a sea of blood.

Press Shia – Speaking a conference entitled “Victory for the Resistance Axis and Moderate Islam,” Shaykh Maher Hammoud said that Wahhabism has sowed the seeds of sedition and flooded the world with a sea of blood.”

“Takfiris engage in activities based on the erroneous thinking and interpretation of Wahhabism,” the Lebanese Sunni cleric said.

The head of the International Union of Muslim Scholars called for adoption of the electoral law in Lebanon and added, “It is said that a new electoral law which is based on proportional representation will save Lebanon from all the problems it currently faces but this is exaggerated and unacceptable and this claim should not be spread.”

Shaykh Hammoud said that the implementation of a new election law is a national goal that the followers of all religions and sects in Lebanon have emphasized upon.

“The 1960 majoritarian formula has led to a pluralism of political parties and if we have to hold the upcoming elections based on the current law, we should not think the world has ended,” he said.

His remarks come as rival factions remain at opposite poles over what voting system to adopt to govern the upcoming parliamentary elections slated for May 21.

Behind-the-scene talks involving the Free Patriotic Movement, the Future Movement, the Amal Movement and Hezbollah are currently being held, focusing on vote proposals that are essentially based on a hybrid law that blends provisions of the proportional and winner-take-all systems.

Shaykh Hammoud referred to the latest developments in the Ayn al-Hilweh Palestinian camp near Sidon and said, “It does not appear that any global conspiracy is currently being implemented in Ayn al-Hilweh to destroy the camp as there was in the Nahr al-Bared and Yarmouk refugee camps.”

His Eminence demanded accountability for all of the unjust aggressors and for justice to prevail among the Lebanese people.

Last week, violent clashes broke out between members of the Fatah movement and Takfiri militants in Ayn al-Hilweh and houses, shops and cars were set alight.

Ayn al-Hilweh is the largest of 12 Palestinian refugee camps across Lebanon, and harbours hardline Palestinians and Lebanese fugitives and has been effected by the ongoing war in Syria.