TEHRAN, Mar. 07 (Press Shia) – President Hassan Rouhani has rejected criticism leveled on Iran’s elections, believing that elections since the Islamic Revolution had been fair, democratic, and free.

Mr. Rouhani attended the 2nd Assembly of Experts session on Tuesday on the sidelines of which he briefly spoke to the press on diverse topics as Resistance Economy and US elections; “Resistance Economy provides the Establishment an advantage; thus, the government will implement its policies to attain what the Leader believed: to display Iran’s strength to the international community,” he added.

Rouhani praised the Assembly as an important pillar of the Islamic Republic, one which restored the public trust on the Establishment and secured their hope on the system. “The Assembly discussed the pressing issues of country,” Rouhani told IRIB, turning to criticism of the unfairness of elections in Iran; “elections in Iran are fair, free, democratic, and competitive; critics of Iran’s elections should turn to their own election process in the US especially where the winner of the November presidential elections cast doubt on the health of the elections,” he emphasized.

“Election process in Iran secures the turnout of the majority of the plebiscite; high turnout indicates that public lay their belief on elections and willingly participate in elections; the Guardian Council also supervises the election process to guarantee its health,” Rouhani concluded.