TEHRAN, Mar. 08 (Press Shia Agency) – The closing statement of the Assembly of Experts 2nd session has called the public to widely participate in upcoming elections in May 2017.

The statement drafted on Wednesday reiterated the Leader’s rebuttal of the call for so-called ‘national reconciliation’ by mainly Reformist sympathizers in the system as meaningless, emphasizing that the public would never reconcile with leaders of seditionists who had brought about conditions where enemies invested hope on the toppling of the Revolutionary system.

“The high turnout in the upcoming presidential, city and village councils, and mid-term parliamentary elections would be a good display that the system had been relying on the public as its bedrock, and would be an indication of public’s commitment to the system,” the statement said, calling the plebiscite to choose the most qualified of the candidates in any election.

On hazards of the elections, it believed that vested interests, pressure groups, partisan factionalism, cultural infatuation against foreign powers, and a spirit of compromise are the hazards of elections,” it said.

The statement highlighted the importance of Resistance Economy and expressed gratitude for government branches for their good offices in realizing its objectives set by the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, however, it lamented that such attempts had not been translated to concrete changes in the daily lives of the nation.

“The government branches should join hands in intensifying the fight against corruption, cronyism, smuggling, and other vices along with strengthening of country’s backbone through supporting indigenous productive sectors in the underprivileged regions, introducing wider reforms to fiscal and financial system, and bringing imports and exports to an order,” the statement recommended.

No less important and not absent from the statement was infiltration, the subject of much emphasis by the Leader; “enemies had been working on the young cohort to weaken the religious beliefs and the belief on the system itself among the public through infiltration and systematically demonizing the Establishment, and influencing on critical decision-making centers; reviving interest and belief in Revolutionary ideals provides the remedy for such a plight and the Assembly emphasizes this,” it added.