Press Shia Agency – A senior member of Lebanon’s Hezbollah stressed that because the enemies cannot stand against the Islamic Resistance, they have placed their hopes in the “foolish president of the United States.”

Press Shia – In a ceremony commemorating first anniversary of the martyrdom of Ali Ahmad Fayyadh, a commander of the Hezbollah Islamic Resistance movement in the southern Lebanese village of Ansar, Hujjat al-Islam Nabil Qawouq stated that the Takfiri project in Iraq and Syria has reached the end of its life.

The vice-president of the Executive Council of Hezbollah added that the recent victories achieved in Aleppo, Palmyra and Mosul enhance the strength and stability of the Resistance Axis in the region.

“Certainly, the period after the liberation of Mosul and Aleppo is radically different from the period before the liberation and today, we are in a new phase and we are currently drawing up new plans in the region,” he said.

Hujjat al-Islam Qawouq said that the victories which were recently achieved in Iraq and Syria are considered victories for Lebanon because this adds to power of the country against the Takfiri project.

The Lebanese cleric noted the power of the Islamic Resistance and said that alongside the Lebanese national army, the power of Hezbollah was able to neutralize the influence of Daesh in the country.

“This same power prevented the Zionist regime from realizing their goals in Syria which is considered as a conspiracy against Lebanon,” he said.

He said Israel is constantly threating its neighbours but the results of these threats will be completely reversed and will backfire because such threats increase the panic and fear among the people of Israel while there isn’t any such fear among the Lebanese people.

Hujjat al-Islam Qawouq stressed that these threats face a “great rock” called the Islamic Resistance and the Israeli people do not pay attention to the words of their own leaders but rather they trust in the words of Sayyid Hasan Nasrallah.

“Awareness of the strength of the Islamic Resistance, which increases day by day, prevents Israel from carrying out its threats,” he said.

Hujjat al-Islam Qawouq said that the preparedness of the Islamic Resistance is much greater than in 2006, when Israel last invaded Lebanon, and said, “The enemies are incapable of fighting against Hezbollah and upon this basis, they have hope in the foolish American president [Donald Trump].”

He added, “But this hope doesn’t change anything and the threat of sanctions on Hezbollah neither harm us or do they benefit the enemies. The Lebanese people don’t fear American sanctions nor do they fear Israel’s threats.”