Press Shia Agency – Ayatollah Nouri-Hamadani stated that faith and spirituality are the main reasons for the victory over the enemies and added the glory and power of Islam are derived from the spirit of jihad.

Press Shia – In a meeting with a group of commanders of the IRGC and the Basij and members of the Department of Education of Tehran province, Grand Ayatollah Hoseyn Nouri-Hamadani referred to the importance of education in Islamic teachings and said, “Jihad in the cause of God is one of the issues that have been emphasized many times in the Quran and the secret of the dignity and power of Islam lies in the issue of jihad.”

The revered source of emulation said that Islam never allows man to be silent in the face of oppression and the necessity of jihad against oppression has led to those trained in the religious schools not to be silent and indifferent in the face of the oppressors.

He pointed out the difference between war and jihad from the perspective of Islam and noted that according to Islam, jihad and war are very different, such that war is a weapon for tyrants and for rulers to gain dominance over the on soil and water of a country or territory but jihad means “striving” to eliminate oppression and that which is against ones values and to replace them with divine values and justice.

Ayatollah Nouri-Hamadani said that in Islamic thought, faith and spirituality are the main strategies in the victory over the enemies and added that at the time of the Prophet Muhammad, a small number of troops were victorious over the large armies of the enemies and the main cause of this was the Muslim army’s spirituality and faith.

The teacher in the Islamic Seminary of Qom said rumours of the Zionist regime’s invincibility have been destroyed by the determination, faith and sincerity of Hezbollah and that the Israeli army enjoys the best weapons and technology but in their wars against the Gaza Strip and Lebanon and against the small-numbers of Hezbollah’s forces, whom were armed with faith, piety and sincerity, they were defeated.

He stressed that the remembrance and the survival of the martyrs are among the main tasks of the current generation and stated that in the eight-year-long Iran-Iraq War, the sincere and faithful Iranian youth defeated the enemies with their lives and just as the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution [Ayatollah Khamenei] has said, we shouldn’t allow the memory, sacrifices and endurance of the veterans and self-sacrificing and persistent warriors to be destroyed.

In conclusion, Ayatollah Nouri-Hamadani said that there is a divine rule that if a nation doesn’t engage in jihad, governance, knowledge and values are not given to them and it was the jihad and sacrifice of the people that led to the destruction of Iran’s Pahlavi monarchy and the establishment of a divine government of with the rule of Wilayat al-Faqih [Guardianship of the Jurisprudent].