Press Shia – In a meeting with seminary students from Basrah, a senior Najaf-based source of emulation called for the clergy to defend Islam from the enemies’ attacks.

Press Shia – In a meeting with a group of seminary students from Iraq’s Basrah Governorate, Grand Ayatollah Bashir al-Najafi explained the important role of the clergy in combatting the actions of the enemies of Islam and said, “Islamic scholars must provide a strong response to the enemies who seek to tarnish the image of Islam, in particular the school of thought of the Ahlul-Bayt.”

The renowned Najaf-based cleric stated that publishing and expressing the virtues and conduct of the Ahlul-Bayt is necessary and added that the Islamic ummah must adhere to the way of life of the Infallible Family of Prophet Muhammad and to Islamic principles.

Referring to the martyred scholars, Ayatollah al-Najafi said, “The Islamic Seminary has stood powerfully in defense of religion, the nation, the people and territory of Iraq and against the Takfiri Daesh phenomenon and the martyrs have sacrificed their lives on this path.”

The sacrifices of the Iraqi warriors in the war against terrorism have surprised the world

His Eminence also met with a group of Shi’ahs from the governorates of Basrah and Najaf and said, “The courage and sacrifices of the Iraqi people in the fight against terrorism have surprised the world and the sound of victory will resonate in this country in the near future.”

He added that despite the many difficulties and ups and downs throughout history, Iraq is still very strong and powerful because Iraq is the country of Imam Husayn and until the reappearance of Imam al-Mahdi, it will remain so.

“The flag of justice and the spread of justice in the world will emanate from Iraq,” he said.

Ayatollah al-Najafi called for the Iraqi government to provide support to the country’s youth and said, “The talented youth must play a central role in rebuilding Iraq and benefit from the national wealth of the country as well.”

God considers self-purification above learning

In a meeting with officials of Centre for Research of the Seminaries and Universities, the Indian-born cleric referred to verse two of chapter “al-Jumu’ah” [Friday] of the Holy Quran and said, “In this verse, God Almighty ties dignity to the ultimate honour of one’s actions.”

Ayatollah al-Najafi said considers recitation of the Holy Quran above self-purification and self-purification above learning and added that this issue indicates the position and the importance of self-purification in the eyes of God such that it takes precedence above teaching and learning.

He said that without self-purification, there are more risks than benefit and added, “The Islamic Seminaries give precedence to the teaching of religious sciences to sciences of the body. Just as university professors play an important role in the education of students, the seminaries should offer authentic and accurate Islamic teachings to the world.