Press Shia Agency – The Association of Muslim Scholars of Lebanon said that if Hezbollah was not present in Syria, we would be witnessing great bloodshed and the violation of the country’s sanctities by Takfiri forces.

Press Shia – In a statement released after their weekly meeting, the administrative council of the Association of Muslim Scholars of Lebanon said that Takfiri terrorists in Iraq and Syria are taking their final breaths and have turned to brutal acts against innocent civilians and they assume that through such actions, they can take control of the areas that they have occupied.

The group of Sunni and Shi’ah clerics noted the achievements of the Syrian army and its allies, as well as those of the Iraqi army and Popular Mobilization Forces, and stated that they are on the threshold of achieving a final victory and through this means, they have entered into political negotiations which are no longer hindered by terrorist threats and international pressures.

The Association of Muslim Scholars denounced the twin bombing in the Syrian capital of Damascus on Saturday and said, “This cowardly crime demonstrates the moral bankruptcy of Takfiri terrorist groups.”

They added that the war against terrorism will continue until the Takfiri terrorist phenomenon is completely destroyed and after this, it will be time to pursue a political solution because a pursuing political solution in the light of the presence of terrorists in Syria is nonsense.

The clerics celebrated the achievements made by the Iraqi army and Popular Mobilization Forces in the operation to liberate Mosul and said, “It has been stated in the media that there are severe differences between the various terrorist groups in Iraq such that most of them have escaped from Iraq and are travelling toward the [Daesh-occupied] Syrian city of Raqqah.”

The group of Lebanese clerics noted the presence of the Lebanese Islamic Resistance movement, Hezbollah, in Syria and said that the Hezbollah’s forces have sacrificed their lives in support of Lebanon against the infiltration of terrorists.

“If Hezbollah wasn’t present in Syria, many villages and cities would be under the domination of the Takfiri terrorists and many citizens would have been killed because of their religious affiliation, mosques and churches would have been destroyed and sanctities would have been violated. All of these issues can be currently witnessed in Iraq and Syria,” they said.

At the end of the message, the Association of Muslim Scholars condemned the attack by Saudi forces on civilians in the city of al-Awamiyah in the Wahhabi kingdom’s predominantly Shi’ah Eastern Province where they killed a child and wounded a number of civilians.

They called on the Saudi government to give attention to the people of their country and to fulfill their demands.