Press Shia – A senior Bahraini Shi’ah cleric described the lack and neglect of human values as the main cause of the current global crisis.

Press Shia – Speaking to worshipers in the Manama neighbourhood of Qafoul’s Imam al-Sadiq Mosque, Ayatollah Sayyid Abdullah al-Ghurayfi, a senior Bahraini Shi’ah scholar, referring to the constant need for human and community values and said some people and groups pretend that these values and patterns are related to the past and there is no need for them in the present time.

“Those who suggest such an issue seek to corrupt society through their actions,” he said.

The Bahraini cleric added that the claims of the termination of Islamic values in the current era are very dangerous and ridiculous and have destructive consequences for man and society as well and added, “Many of the people who are spreading this theory are considered as tools and other people are engaged in engineering these claims.”

Ayatollah al-Ghurayfi stated that the lack of values is the world’s largest current crisis and added that all the current religious, moral, cultural, social, economic, political, legal and media crises in the world today stem from a lack of values.

He says the world shouldn’t attribute the current conflicts in various areas of the world to differences because different perspectives in regard to various issues are a natural thing and God Almighty has also emphasized on this issue in the Quran so the main problem is that these differences have been transformed into war and animosity.

His Eminence continued, saying, “The emergence of sedition, the launching of wars, aggression against lives, property, honour and society, the destruction of security and solidarity and compassion have been formed on the basis of the transformation of differences into war and animosity and are also the result of the lack of values.”

All rational people in the world agree on values

In regard to the claims that dissension is due to these values, Ayatollah al-Ghurayfi noted, “All rational people have consensus in regard to these values and there is no dispute about it. Are the rational people in the world those who support oppression, malice, extremist violence violence, extremism, terrorism, regression, corruption, destruction and war?!”

The Bahraini cleric world stressed upon the necessity for all citizens to return to their homes and added, “Nobody has the right to plant a thorn in the country, create crises and chaos, establish terrorism and spread sectarian hatred and strife. Throughout history, the children of this country have lived with love, affection, unity, brotherhood, cooperation and dignity.”

Ayatollah al-Ghurayfi said that clear and honest dialogue can increase all appropriate issues in society but perverse discourse can lead society to ruin and added, “When the country is in a critical situation, pure and sincere dialogue can save the country.”