TEHRAN, Mar. 16 (Press Shia Agency) – Foreign Minister Javad Zarif has told Al-Mayadeen Network the Zionist regime has systematically failed to bring to a stalemate Iran’s nuclear deal with the west.

Mr. Zarif told a program in Arabic news network Al-Mayadeen on Wednesday night that Saudi Arabia had been coordinated its efforts with the Zionist regime to hit the deal; however, “the deal was hammered out to their horrible nightmares and was also implemented; the Zionist regime itself is the greatest nuclear threat the world would ever imagine,” he told the program. 
On US sanctions on Iran, Zarif reiterated Iran’s official position on sanctions that they would achieve little in containing Iran and that the best current option would be to implement JCPOA. 
“Turkey is an effective regional player and it had engaged in some level of verbal fisting with Iranian officials; it is an important neighbour for us; however, we thing that Ankara’s should effectively prevent flow of arms and logistics support for terrorist groups through its borders and its proxies,” he concluded.