Press Shia Agency – A group of Bahraini Shi’ah clerics has condemned the killings of one of the country’s revolutionaries and stated that the Al Khalifah regime lacks humanity.

Press Shia Agency – A group of Bahraini Shi’ah clerics issued a statement in condemnation of the martyrdom of Muhammad Sahwan, an imprisoned Bahraini revolutionary who lost his life due to the effects of the torture and injuries as a result of being shot by the security forces of the Persian Gulf country’s Al Khalifah regime.

Bahrain’s Interior Ministry announced the death of the 45-year-old prisoner Muhammad Sahwan “due to natural causes” in a Tweet on Thursday. Sahwan was serving a 15-year sentence at Jaw prison for taking part in anti-regime demonstrations.

In the statement, the clerics stated, “We offer our congratulations and condolences to the patient, resistant and oppressed people of Bahrain on the occasion of the martyrdom of Muhammad Sahwan and to the family of this martyr, we note that you have received the divine medal of martyrdom on the path of the religion [of Islam] and in assistance to the oppressed.”

They added, “Without doubt, Martyr Muhammad Sahwan is considered one of the victims of the torture and unlawful killings which have occurred over the past few years. Security forces shot him from close range and left more than eighty plastic bullets in his body with the goal of killing him.”

The statement emphasized that that Bahraini regime is far from humanity and has opposed several demands to provide treatment and end to the torture of Muhammad Sahwan and due to this, he achieved martyrdom in prison with dignity and patience.

“His martyrdom was meant to be a slow death because the regime denied treatment for this martyr,” they said.

At the end of the statement, the group of Bahraini Shi’ah clerics stated. “The glorious people of Bahrain condemn the crimes of this regime and hold them fully responsible for the killing of this faithful and heroic martyr. They are the true witnesses to the lack of justice and the lack of the most basic human and ethical values by the Al Khalifah regime.”